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Your new XPLAN home 


Introducing DynamixHub: the premier solution for financial planning businesses in need of streamlined client CRM and advisory processes. Our managed solution is primed for action, with setup completed in as little as 48 hours, ensuring swift implementation when you're ready.


Created by expert XPLAN professionals with extensive financial planning experience, DynamixHub offers cutting-edge customization and maintenance.

Access a platform featuring streamlined processes, templates, client tools, and management reports to boost efficiency and client satisfaction.

Outsource XPLAN management for dedicated support, maintenance, and a responsive help desk, freeing you to focus on core tasks. 

Why choose the Practice Dynamix Managed Solution?

Initial Engagement
Practice Dynamix will oversee the set-up and conversion process including the set up of user logins for all team members and establish all your datafeeds. Whilst learning about your business, your team receives training on the Practice Dynamix Managed Solution and XPLAN navigation.

Ongoing Critical Incident Review and Escalation Service
Rest assured each month as we meticulously maintain XPLAN. Count on our dedicated team of XPLAN experts for unwavering ongoing support, including troubleshooting, updates, personalised assistance, and proactive problem-solving tailored to your unique needs.

Peace of Mind
We're here to ensure XPLAN operates smoothly, efficiently, and evolves seamlessly with your business.

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