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Our Services

Shape your business for success 

Site Administration

• Site configuration and maintenance
• Themes: Site / IPS / CSS
• Data feeds
• Data conversions
• User access and capabilities
• Site updates
• Outlook & website connectivity

Set yourself up for success
Site Administration is the backbone of your Xplan site. But
it can also be time consuming and cumbersome. You can
outsource this aspect of your business and take advantage
of our years of experience.

Spend time with a Site Administration specialist who
understands both Xplan and your business today, and
benefit from improved efficiencies and Xplan satisfaction.

Development & Customisation

• Fact find wizards
• Single Strategy Advice
• Wizards
• Advice documents
• Threads
• Xmerge Templates
• Email templates
• Management Reports
• Customised interface

Embrace the unique
Building a customised Xplan site that will work for your
business ensures your business can work with Xplan. Our team of experts can configure your Xplan site to suit your needs.

Developing and customising your Xplan site requires a
specialist who excels at integrating Xplan into your business.
Engage with us today and benefit from personalised solutions.

Practice Management

• Business Process
• Workflow
• 3rd party software integration

  (including Umango Extract)
• Fee Disclosure Statements
• Data Entry & Integrity
• Paperless Office
• Reports
• Automation

Plan, Implement, Succeed
Planning to succeed helps to create success. What do
you want your business to look like in 5 years’ time and
how are you going to get there? What role does your
software play in your success? Our years of planning and
implementing Xplan solutions have allowed businesses to
thrive in a changing environment.

Working in an environment that is subject to large
legislative impacts, it is imperative that your business can
adapt to change. Pair with us to take advantage of sound
Xplan practice management solutions that will reduce your
business risks.


• Training videos
• Knowledge database
• Phone based training
• One-on-one training
• Tailored Presentations

• Coding Workshops

Knowledge leads to wisdom
Knowing how to use Xplan and understanding Xplan are
two separate but achievable goals. If you understand how
Xplan works, how it behaves, and why, you can extend your
knowledge and move into more advanced usage. Moving
into this phase of wisdom takes time and the ability to learn
from someone who not only understands Xplan, but also
understands your business.

Empowering your staff to embrace Xplan and follow your
processes will provide the greatest opportunity for success. A
tailored presentation at a PD day or Conference on the features and benefits of Xplan will provide them the passion to work with the software and not against it.

Help desk services

• Xplan Help desk
• Xplan Health Check
• Site Analysis
• Support Forum

You don’t know what you don’t know
Ever had an issue with Xplan? How long did it take you to
resolve the issue? Your business can perform better with
access to a help desk service with years of experience. A
service that understands your business, understands your
user, and understands Xplan.

Not sure if your site is working for you or against you?
Complete a 5 minute Xplan health check or complete a full
site analysis to see where efficiencies can be achieved to
get more out of Xplan.

Business Development

• Gap Analysis
• Strategic Workflow Development

• Practice Administration Solutions
• Business Content Development 

• Reputation Management

Click here to watch our video on Why a Gap Analysis should be your next step towards success

Your most valuable investment

As a bespoke service provider to a range of financial planning businesses, we see the best of big and small. When you engage us to provide you with an overall operational analysis, we assess your business, structures and processes and then make recommendations to improve efficiencies and overall cohesion within your business


Our Business Development offer ranges from a gap analysis through to comprehensive business process documentation and suggestions for tools you need to enhance your business.

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