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5 High Value XPLAN User Tips you can implement TODAY

Change your client note preferences

Many users don’t realise they can change the number of file notes that display on a client’s profile. The default view on most sites is set to 50, which can limit your ability to find file notes once you have extensive notes on XPLAN. Change your preferences to unlimited and the world is your (file note) oyster!

Use the dashboard widgets for quick access

The Dashboard widgets on XPLAN are designed to make users lives just a little bit more efficient, and boy does this time saving XPLAN function add up after many years of use. Make sure to add widgets for modules that you use on a daily basis; such as the diary, recent clients, outstanding tasks, client birthdays, reviews due. The list of available XPLAN widgets is quite extensive.

Setup SMS reminders to confirm appointments

One of the best efficiencies any firm can utilise within XPLAN is the ability to setup automated diary appointment confirmations. By setting up phone numbers using the ‘SMS Email’ field within XPLAN Key Details>Contact Details, creating a very simple XPLAN email and/or SMS template and setting up a SMS gateway you can send automated reminders to clients simply by adding a diary appointment.

Utilise the Cash Match function

XPLAN’s Cash Match feature quickly identifies potential reconciliation issues caused by movements in the cash account which do not have a corresponding or balancing transaction (or vice-versa). The most common scenarios which reflect this are:

  • Dividend payments (ie. deposits into the cash account) for which there is no matching corporate action (often due to the corporate action not being run), and

  • Corporate actions which do not have a matching deposit in the cash account (often a rounding or timing issue relating to the corporate action template, or funds not having been paid).

Cash Match can also assist you with reconciling:

- Withdrawal proceeds - especially where a multiple trades were performed or where redemptions from fund managers are not timely or prone to appearing in the wrong account).

- Unexpected deposits - particularly useful for SMSF contributions which require classification and assignment to the respective trust member.

Close the Chat Box

If the XPLAN chat box isn’t your thing, you can remove this easily within Preferences. And for those of you who aren’t using it, the chat box is the little window that pops up on the right-hand side of the screen every time you login to your XPLAN site.

To get more detail on how you can use XPLAN to make your business more efficient (read: more profitable!) you can contact Practice Dynamix at 1300 032 023 or via

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