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Why you need an Expert

I remember reading an article on climate change a little while ago, and the article was discussing why expert knowledge is necessary. The article summarised:

“Why is expert knowledge necessary?”—we live in a knowledge economy. We live in an economy which is powered by innovation, by technology—all of which is funded by expert knowledge... A modern administrative state needs knowledge in order to function.

It raised some good points. We live in a society of 'ask google'. If you don't know the answer to that trivia question someone raised at a dinner party, you will see 6 people pick up their phone and fight to be the first person to find the answer. Listening to a song on the radio, and you want to know the song title and artist - just open Shazam, What movie was this actress also in? Just open IMDB. There are so many options available to us to obtain knowledge at our finger tips and we trust programs like Google, Shazam, IMDB, and many other to provide us Expert Knowledge - but have you ever asked google about an XPLAN datafeed? Can you Google why a file note is not displaying in a client folder? Can Google provide you with the tools to create a new XPLAN wizard? Unfortunately, this is not possible.

When faced with a problem, we need access to fast solutions. As such, businesses need access to an Expert who can understand the problem, and then provide the solution both timely and correctly. The Practice Dynamix team are the XPLAN experts. We understand all elements of the XPLAN environment and can apply expert knowledge to each individual problem to find on the spot solutions or short term work around while the bigger problem is resolved.

Hiring an internal XPLAN expert can be difficult and expensive. From as little as $350 per month (less than the cost of one staff member in your office for one day a month working on XPLAN), you can have access to the Experts at Practice Dynamix to answer all of your queries, assist in fixing any problems with datefeeds, reports, outputs and troubleshoot any XPLAN related topics with you. With years of experience in dealing with XPLAN development and support, our team work closely with your business to ensure you are getting the most out of your software and ensure your team have access to ask the Experts any question relation to the XPLAN software and the integrated programs of outlook and word. Giving you peace of mind that your team are focused on their daily responsibilities and not the frustrations from problems arising from their software, and making the most of new developments and advances in technology.

For more information on our Virtual XPLAN Expert program - call Practice Dynamix today on 1300 032 023.

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