Quick Tip - February 2019

Corporate Actions

Some datafeeds are sending down the information to XPLAN with the demerger transactions. However, manually entered WES holdings and clients with WES on a datafeed which doesn’t include Corporate Actions will need to have this run. There is a way to action this on a client level, and in bulk. 


From the client:

Navigate to Investment Portfolios > Corporate Actions, and Execute the WES demerger corp action as per the screen shot below.


To run this in bulk:

Go to XPLAN > Portfolio Functions > Corporate Actions

Locate the WES demerger Corp Action and View Targets



Select the clients you would like to run and select Execute (See below a tip on who to select):


One thing you might like to do first, is find clients with WES and no COL. Go to XPLAN > Portfolio Functions > Security Positions.

Then search for clients with WEX.ASX and not COL.ASX. This will assist you with knowing which clients have WES but not COL and will need the corporate action run. (Assuming they haven’t purchased WES post 21 Nov)